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Latest Articles

July 26, 2020
C-C #91: The DeFi Bonanza

Takeaways: DeFi total locked value and DEX volumes are rising parabolically The adoption of DeFi displays and the rise of DeFi token prices displays that fundamental value is being recognized by the market Almost all DeFi applications are built on Ethereum DeFi? More like MoonFi! The hot story in the past couple months has been […]

June 18, 2020
C-C #90: Liquidity Mining and Governance Tokens

Takeaways: Compound Finance allows lenders/borrowers to earn COMP, their native governance token, through a process called liquidity mining The introduction of COMP has led to some interesting market inefficiencies Liquidity mining has propelled COMP to the most valuable defi token Compound decentralizes governance This week, Compound Finance, a leading defi application that matches borrowers and […]

June 1, 2020
C-C #89: Honey, We’re Moving to Wyoming — Why Wyoming is the Best Blockchain State Pt 1

Takeaways: Wyoming is the friendliest state for crypto and blockchain entrepeneurs Money transmission regulation usually stops crypto entrepeneurs in their tracks Wyoming has come up with an innovative solution to circumvent money transmission laws The cowboy state is for the cowboy industry Through the hard work of industry leader and Wyoming Blockchain Task Force member […]

May 25, 2020
C-C #88: Where is the Steve Jobs of Crypto?

Takeaways: Crypto applications have historically failed to live up to expectations and have created nuanced technology without having a target market in mind Execution at this stage is far more important than technology for crypto Argent and ETH.BUILD have begun breaking the mold by releasing consumer friendly products There is no crypto Steve Jobs yet […]

May 14, 2020
C-C #87: Bulls on the Run

Takeways: Paul Tudor Jones invested in BTC Correlation between S&P 500 and BTC is breaking BTC is up 30% YTD vs. S&P 500 being down -12% Bitcoin halving brought new attention to the asset class There have been some massively bullish events that happened in crypto recently. From legendary hedge fund managers to correlation changes […]

May 7, 2020
C-C #86: Stablecoins Go Institutional

Takeaways: Stablecoins have seen serious adoption since the Corona crash Stablecoin projects such as Libra and USDC are presenting themselves as legitimate institutional options MakerDAO moved to have DAI be partially backed by USDC, which might make it more appealing to institutions Adoption for stablecoins has skyrocketed There have been some significant developments in the […]

April 29, 2020
C-C #85: New Social Governance Layer for Ethereum

Takeaways: More community representation in Ethereum governance would aid core devs in their decision making process Hudson Jameson and I are beginning to strategize how a new social governance layer could be built on top of Ethereum More community representation in the governance process would grant greater agency to ETH holders Ethereum has room for […]

April 27, 2020
What Cryptocurrency is used on the dark web?

Cryptocurrencies on the dark web One question many people have is what cryptocurrency is used on the dark web. All of us have read some headline on how cryptocurrency is the currency of choice for criminals. While cryptocurrencies seem to have historically associated with criminals, it is important to point out that more criminals use […]